ASHA training – Awakening of Self-Sensory Human Avatars

We, Za Rah Kumara and Hansu Jot, have been working for a long time on a vision that is beyond the lineage of one school – the Cosmic Light School – in which we give you comprehensive and diverse knowledge from different lineages.


The time has now come to get the ASHA training started.

Awakening of Self-Sensory Human Avatars.


We are so grateful for this divine opportunity.

ASHA is a training of the new times.

It gives you the opportunity to unlearn old programs and upgrade the skills to increase the frequency of your vibration, which are necessary for this time.

This is the vision of ASHA training consisting of 11 modules and we started in May 2020.

We graduated of our first ASHA-certified Healers in April 2021.

This upcoming fall we are happy to present you the 


This Training is for you if:


  • you are a Healer 

  • you wish to share and learn from experienced healers and therapists
    (supervision and case studies, psychology, light work and yogic approaches) 

  • you want to learn more about different healing modalities for yourself and your loved ones 

  • you wish to expand your consciousness 

  • you wish to step into your destiny 

We will focus on the healers aspect and repeat some basis knowledge like

  • zero point

  • channeling

  • crystal cosmic healing


From there we will go further to deepen and develop your capacities as a healer and help and support you to grow into your full healing potential.

General Information on the



5 modules (75 hours) taught in English.​

Module 1 ·  15 - 17 of October 2021

Module 2 ·  05 - 07 of November 2021

Module 3 ·  10 - 12 of December 2021

Module 4 ·  14 - 16 of January 2022

Module 5 ·  04 - 06 of February 2022

The training modules take place online via Zoom (zoom.us) and will be broadcasted live in european time zone but are always available for replay in case you miss classes.

They are approx. available 1–3 work days after the live sessions. 

The content of the all modules will flow into each module.

Yoga, meditation and sound will always be part of it.

Each module takes approx. 15 hours (friday evening, sat and sunday until afternoon with big lunch breaks) 



  •  2200 EUR*

*(Payment plans are available, please contact us directly with your requests: info@zarahkumara.com)

If you feel a call, we are looking forward to share with you the

ASHA COSMIC HEALER training and to meet you soon.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Infinite Blessings,

Za Rah Kumara & Hansu Jot