ASHA training – Awakening of Self-Sensory Human Avatars

We, Za Rah Kumara and Hansu Jot, have been working for a long time on vision that is beyoned the lineage of one school – the Cosmic Light School – in which we give you comprehensive and diverse knowledge from different lineages.


The time has now come to get the ASHA training started – We are so grateful for this divine opportunity.

ASHA is a training of the new times.

It gives you the opportunity to receive the skills and to increase the frequency of your vibration, which are necessary for this time.

This vision created the ASHA training Level 1 (ASHA = Awakening of Self-Sensory Human Avatars) consisting of 11 modules (see details below). You can do the complete, ASHA-certified training or individual modules.


ASHA trainings are 88% experience!

Leave your books at home.


The entire ASHA training is taught in English. The training modules take place online via Zoom (zoom.us) as well as in person at different locations (dates and locations will be announced).

General Information on the ASHA training:

The 11 modules - ASHA Training Level 1 "A Portal into Awakening" (242 hours):


Module 1 · Essentials: May 1–3, 2020 (Order replays)

Module 2 · Clearing: June 5–7, 2020  (Order replays)

Module 3 · Sound & Voice: July 10–12, 2020 (Order replays)

Module 4 · Kundalini Yoga: August 14–16, 2020 (Order replays)

Module 5* · Light Healing & Kundalini Yoga Advanced (September 25–27, 2020)

Module 6* · Human Experience / Psychotherapy with special guest Linda Thorelli (November 6–8, 2020)

Module 7* · Crystal Healings & Healing Level 2 (November 27-29, 2020)

Module 8 · New Year ASHA – Transformational Journey (January 1–3, 2021)

If you participate here our New Years Ceremony (December 31, 2020) is included.

Module 09*  · Activation (January 22–24, 2021)

Module 10* · Channeling (February 26–28, 2021)

Module 11*  · Ascension (April 23–25, 2021)

*only available in bundle

The content of the all modules will flow into each module.

Yoga, meditation and sound will always be part of it.

Each module takes 22 hours – the entire Level 1 with 11 modules takes 242 attendance hours.

If modules take place online via zoom, the attendance time will be approx. 15 hours.

You will be credited with the full 22 hours and you will get exercises to deepen your experience.



  • Cost for Bundle 3 Modules (Module 5–7 / Module 9–11): EUR 1.350 Early Bird (until 08.01.2021) / EUR 1.550 Regular Ticket (from 09.01.2021).

  • Cost for Single Module (Module 1–4; 8): EUR 350 Early Bird / EUR 440 Regular Ticket (if you sign up less then 2 weeks before the training starts).

  • ASHA Training Level 1 · complete training = 11 modules including certificate: 3.500 EUR

If you feel a call, we are looking forward to share with you the ASHA training and to meet you soon at Zoom.

There are also replays, if you can not attend live or the whole training – they are approx. available 1–3 work days after the live sessions. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail: info@zarahkumara.com


Infinite Blessings,

Za Rah Kumara & Hansu Jot