Sometimes destiny takes interesting turns to make you do the things you came to do and not always does this path look like the one you might have imagined… 

The concept of COSMA Dubai is here to help people discover their souls mission and their true selves and to help them live their highest potential. We receive so much programming in our upbringing, so many ideas of others how we "should“ be, how we should behave and how we should feel, that it causes a lot of confusion to our souls. 

The sacred science of Kundalini Yoga is here to awaken yourself to your own inner truth, delivering you to YOUR souls mission, not to an outside source of salvation. There is no need to surrender to an external Guru or worshipping people outside of yourselves, we are all divinity expressed in a human body and we learn from each other. Its a great blessing to find a teacher and it was promised to your soul, that you will have the chance to find the right teacher for your path, however in these new times we feel that teacher student relationships are build and based upon mutual respect and love. White LIGHT Yoga is not dependent on any one single teacher, but rather on a group of amazing beings and consciousness that volunteer their time and love to help others.
Zarah is the founder of this movement of consciousness and has founded the Awakening Training ASHA together with Hansu Jot for the Awakening of SElf Sensory Human Avatars. 


Hansu Jot + Za Rah Kumara

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