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When you connect to your highest self, you magically discover your multi-dimensional nature. I am here to help you expand your consciousness, uncover your Souls mission, release old karmic patterns and support you in reclaiming your life purpose and highest frequency.

This work can include private coaching and healing sessions (zoom or in-person) for your self, the family, your house, estate, company or a body of land or water.

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Star of Isis Activation

The Time is Now and Now is the time. 

Our innate blueprint wants to fully unfold and blossom.


Under the loving guidance of many star beings, goddesses, gods, angels and our infinite soul, we journey into this NOW moment to experience our full light path and our highest potential.  The star of Isis , also called Sirius is a guiding light towards awakening and healing in the new era of earth. 


A Workshop that includes deep meditation, Kundalini yoga, light activation and deep clearing with the help of the angelic realm. Be prepared for take off. 

Inquire about next possible dates for this workshop.


Aura Protection and Activation

A strong and bright Aura is the key to a healthy and beautiful life, a golden Aura signifies divine protection. Navigating the soul through the experience on earth can be challenging, stress, a weak nervous system and ideas of lack and fear can pollute the mind and block the flow of love and prosperity. We are all coming with an innate gift of prosperity and equipped with everything we need to successfully navigate the waters of existence. In this workshop we clear the blocks in our subconscious mind to successfully hone in our prosperity codes and open up to experience our birth right to be happy and to fulfill our souls destiny. 


The science of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a powerful tool to awaken our souls path and to remove blocks that might interfere with our destiny.


In this workshop a powerful subconscious clearing will take place, removing blockages and old pain, freeing space - to experience ourselves in a whole new light. 

Inquire about next possible dates for this workshop.


Connection and Activation of your Cosmic Connection 

In this workshop you will learn how to establish a cosmic connection to your spirit guides, how to activate the united heart and how to feel the presence of your spirit guides more clearly. We will dive deep into the work with the pendulum and explore the first steps of chakra diagnosis. 

Inquire about next possible dates for this workshop.

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