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Golden Circle – Recordings

The Golden Circle are also available as recording. So take your time and enjoy them in your own timing.

The Sundays Zoom sessions (about 2 hours) are exclusive and really powerful live channelings by Za Ra Kumara.

After booking your favorite recording you will get a video link within 48 hours and the video link will be valid to watch the recording for 5 days.

Available Recordings


Firestorm of Love

November 02, 2020

Karma clearing, liberation of deceased relatives and souls, integration of fallen soul aspects.

Watch 5 days

44 EUR


Sirius Journey – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

July 05, 2020

Sirius journey – full moon lunar eclipse with Hansu Jot. Throat & third eye activation.

Watch 5 days

44 EUR


The Holy Shield & Ring of Fire

June 21, 2020

Karma transformation and release, ring of fire, summer solstice and solar eclipse.

Watch 5 days

44 EUR

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