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Za Rah Kumara's book called "Heaven to Earth", available as Softcover, Hardcover and Kindle Ebook in the Amazon Store.


Raising the frequency as well as learning how to access source and raw source reservoirs for healing are fundamental. This book is an anointed tool, the sharings, healing approaches and art work are for your advancement, for your great rising and ergo for the grand rising of the golden age.
Enhance yourself by opening any page and allowing your intuition to guide you. Even though every single one of us play’s a different role in life, we are part of one great consciousness, of one source.
We are undying souls, in fact angels in an earth body. Your origin lies within the ethers, but today you experience a journey on earth and the vastness of possibilities source can create. Brace yourself to choose Dharma over Karma. Once properly aligned with our highest potentiality, you achieve optimum health, prosperity, and well being.
This book is a result of many years of teaching, giving therapy sessions, and a life in service to the healing arts and the ways to support each individual’s journey in various forms. You are the journey, you are the healing, and that you are one with source. Learn to connect to Source Energy and to the high vibration of the realms where perfect health, ecstasy and bliss are the natural state of being.
Self development, unlearning of old patterns, meditation, yoga, sacred chanting, prayer and worship of nature and the divine help you to become a loving and impactful healer and human. Sharing this great workbook of tools, techniques will enrich your life and encourages you to ultimately share your gifts with others.
Understand that everything we ever possibly need is already here. Raise your vibration to the level where this reality already exists. Healing is here, in this now, in every breath.

Available as Softcover, Hardcover and Kindle Ebook.


"As a daily practicioner of Kundalini Yoga - I have to say this book by my friend Za Rah Kumara is incredible. Great explanations on how the yoga works and so many interesting facts - I learned a lot!!! This practice has changed my life. Check out her book! Waheguru."

Belinda Carlisle, Singer The Go Go's

"As I finished the last pages of the book I felt such a deep gratitude in my heart for all the teachings and transmissions in this book. It's like a gathering of wisdom which carries you through your whole life... starting with incarnation, childhood, growing up, the challenges of life, relationships and leaving the Earth again.
The book transmits a huge knowledge how to smoothly sail through this adventure... and shows different approaches for healing, transformation and elevation.
It's definitely a book that I will continouously read as a source for inspiration and a guidebook for working with clients. The beautiful illustrations and pictures support the messages to really land in your whole system to integrate and digest on a very deep level.
Thank you dear Za Rah Kumara for putting so much effort and love into this book... you can feel it on every page."

S. from Greece

"Wow! Was für ein mega tolles, inspirierendes, dein Leben veränderndes Buch. So leicht und doch so tiefgründig, ich liebe die wunderschöne Bilder und die Stimmung, leicht zu verstehen, es fließt durch einen alles so verständlich durch, man versteht auf Anhieb die heiligen Codes, man ist ganz erfüllt. Danke!"

R. from Spain

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. I bought this book when it first came out and it has been on my nightstand since. It's very insightful for beginners or intermediates. A handbook practices are many and the information is helping my process of connecting deeper. Thank you for the service you provide to humanity."

S. from USA

"Für mich ist dieses wunderschöne Buch ein Geschenk Gottes. Eine Einweihung für alle Menschen in das Neue Wassermannzeitalter. Ein Meisterwerk voll Liebe und Kraft mit heilenden Mantren und Yogaübungen, auf dass wir stark und leuchtend anderen Menschen Liebe schenken. Ganz viel Liebe und Dank dafür an Za Rah Kumara."

D. from Germany

"I am so happy to buy this book. Great tools that benefits my needs, and gain knowledge. I admit that this book is the best thing I ever had for long time. To be honest I’d recommend you to read her book. I’d read it again and again. It changed my life afterward. Thank you Za Rah Kumara"


"I am thrilled to share my profound experience in reading and applying the guidance, training, and tools found in this book. ZaRah Kumara has brought us all a tremendous gift of love and true light,that can greatly assist us on our journey of self discovery and embodied, personal transformation from the inside out. A truly anoninted handbook of awakening, remembrance, and ascension.
So happy and honored to offer my highest recommendation!"


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