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Za Rah Kumara stands with open arms in front of a huge Pyramid in Egypt.

Earth Activations

Being called to assist in Gaias rising it's Za Rah's heartfelt mission to connect the Sacred Waters, crystalline consciousness fields and dragon Kundalini codes on Earth through her Activation Journeys around the globe. Serving in the magical and ceremonial service for Earth, she invites all to join in the prayer and vibratory shift for the golden age. 

Get inspired by the Healing Work for the Waters, Nature and all Beings visible and invisible. Connecting Heaven and Earth. Clearing old karmic bonds to support, liberate and activate ancient sites, spirits, waters and sacred spaces. Reconnecting ancient energetic dragon points to uplift Earth and humanity. 

These energetic points are being shared within the golden circle or the Initiation journeys that Za Rah holds when the times are calling for gatherings. 

Thank you for being here and for supporting the rise of consciousness. 

"Our collective destiny is to carry and transmit the cosmic kundalini vibration. We are holding the dragon fire of consciousness in us. That’s why we long to be together."

Women in white Goddess dresses during a sacred ceremony in Corfy, Greece. They are sitting in a circle with the hands raised up in the air.

"All these teachings, channelings and

exercises are designed for you, to help you

get to know yourself.

To help you embody spirit and remember who you really are.

And bringing that to Earth. This is the medicine Earth needs: you in your pureness and in your grace."

Za Rah Kumara

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