The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a community of holistic mindset souls. A space were we can share, reflect, meditate and practice Kundalini Yoga and do healing art, journeys and channeling by Za Ra Kumara.

The Golden Circle happens regularly on Sundays Live via Zoom (2,5 – 3 hours).

These Circle is open for everyone. Come as you are and share want you want to share or be just silent and receive the healing energy which comes along. This group is holding each other as a family though this time – where you need sometimes more support and sometimes you are happy to give support. Everybody creates this Circle and all the light of each soul make this Circle as Golden as it is.

These blessed times of change are an opportunity for us all to go deep inside, grow and create something new. The drawing of a new time and a new earth is here. We rejoice in this light by the power of our breath of life. Let's connect in this light as the beautiful global community that we are.

 C O S T 

  • EARLY BIRD: 33 EUR for a single transmissions (up to 24 hours before the transmission starts)

  • DROP-IN: 44 EUR for a single transmission (less then 24 hours before the transmission starts)

  • BUNDLE: 144 EUR for a five transmission-bundle (valid 5 transmissions in a row)

  • SPONSOR A HUMAN: there is an option to sponsor both single and bundle tickets. With this ticket, you can enable a fellow human, who might not have the means right now, to join the transmissions. Let's all support each other the best way we can during these times of change. 

  • RECORDING: 44 EUR for a single transmission replay. The video link will be available approx 3-5 days after the live session and will be valid for 5 days.