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We are building a conscious LIGHT TEMPLE and we are happy to invite you to participate in a creation of consciousness.

The Temple will be close to the Poseidon Temple, South of Athens in Greece.

We invite people who are open to experience a new way of being to join us.

We will offer weekly events like Sadhana, shared meetings, workshops, and retreats.


Image by Hans Reniers showing a Greek Temple

The Cosmic Sanctuary

The Cosmic Sanctuary is a mystery school and healing center, dedicated to the consciousness and awakening of the human potential and a sanctuary for cats, and is located in one of the most powerful energy vortexes on Earth, which holds a potent healing Source pool reservoir at Cape Sounion in Greece. 


The Sanctuary is not bound to a physical location but rather to a consciousness field of Source Light Healing, water ritual, sound therapy and other healing arts. In its vision it will be re-created many fold around Gaia and bless humans and animals with peace, creativity and a space for sacred creations and healings. 


The Sanctuary offers community yoga, retreats, healer trainings and personal healings.


Cosmic Creations publishes Art Work and Books and releases high vibrational Music for the advancement and ascension of humanity. 


It is of sacred importance to share these powerful and transformational times on Earth with like-minded and conscious people who hold the vision of a Golden Age  in their hearts. May we create more Music, Art and Beauty in the name of Source. 


We are all invited to create from our Souls the most beautiful versions of ourselves on Gaia. You are invited to join. 

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