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Annual Spiritual Journeys and Initiations

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A journey of rememberance into the heart of our ancient motherlands.

Guided by our Souls calling to unite the past and the future in the now and to unite time and space and assist in this epic planetary activation, souls from all over the galaxy are being called to participate.

Welcome home.

7 - 17TH OCTOBER 2023


Women in Goddess dresses in front of a temple in Egypt. A spiritual initiation journey.
Two women in beautiful white Goddess robes on a small boat at the Isis Temple, Egypt. Za Rah Kumara on a spiritual initiation journey in Egypt.
Za Rah Kumara teaching Kundalini Yoga on a sailing boat on the Nile, Egypt.
Za Rah Kumara and her group on a spiritual journey in Egypt, on a boat  on the Nile.
Za Rah Kumara and Shanti Manpreet on a sailing boat on the Nile, during an evening meditation session with sacred sound on a spiritual journey through Egypt.
A group chanting and meditating in the desert, on a spiritual journey through Egypt.
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