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Download The Source Light App in the Apple Store.
Download The Source Light App in the Google Play Store.

THE SOURCE is your daily booster to unlock your full potential and to discover your innate magic. We’re here to actively help you in your awakening process.
Whether you would love support in your daily meditation and alignment practice or you're struggling with breakups, a loss, or any transformational event in your life – this app is here to support you on your journey to more happiness, healing, success and confidence.


It's a precious collection of teachings from ancient spiritual practices, tools, meditations and channelings with angels and ascended masters by Za Rah Kumara – conscious spiritual Psychotherapist (holding a masters degree and a doctoral license in psychotherapy), kundalini yoga teacher, sacred sound artist and channel with more than 22 years of experience supporting clients worldwide.





  • First Aid Kit for emotional support

  • Healing guidance and clearings

  • Meditations and sound healings

  • Channelings & current energy transmissions

  • Spiritual psychotherapy (connecting mind and heart)

  • Activations around the world

  • Guided sleep meditations and stress release

  • Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork

  • New content every month

  • Downloadable content for offline use



  • Activate your full potential

  • Receive support in your awakening process

  • Improve your mental health and wellbeing

  • Learn how to manifest 

  • Receive support for relaxation and rest

  • Boost your energy levels

  • Increase your focus and creativity

  • Activate your aura and mental strength

  • Align with your destiny

  • Connect to your Higher Self, angels and spirit guides 

  • Expand your awareness and knowledge in the fields of prosperity, relationships, karmic patterns, family and relaxation


PRACTICE whenever you want & Wherever you want

No matter how much time you have to work on your personal transformation every day –

THE SOURCE offers you different audios and videos from 3 minutes to 60 minutes.



All practices are available on the phone, tablet, web and offline. Wherever you are right now, choose the practice which suits your needs the best right now.



THE SOURCE offers an auto-renewing monthly subscription which you can cancel anytime and a discounted 6 months plan. 


"It is an honor and great gift to my self, being aligned with Za Rah Kumara. She brings true crystalline feminine energy straight from Father Mother Source. Using her latest app is a huge blessing, easily rising to our highest version with the steady use and application of her gifts to us all."

"Great app for winding down, connecting with the own self and spirituality. I love the content, and I can feel the love that is put into this project."

"I love to use this app because of the great resources: I can keep track of my spiritual growth, and I find a lot of beneficial tools to learn.”

"Very supportive in my daily life - I love this app! So many beautiful channelings and meditations easily accessible on my phone, wherever I need it. I especially love the activations around the world which bring me to powerful energy vortexes to receive the codes. Thank you so much for this app!”

"It is a beautiful gift to listen to the music in the app."

"What a great app for well-being, self development and also just for relaxing. Meditation, teachings, breathing techniques all in one place. Perfect! New content uploaded on a regular basis. I am a fan."

Download The Source Light App in the Apple Store.
Download The Source Light App in the Google Play Store.
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