with Za Rah Kumara

Your beautiful mortal heart and your beautiful immortal soul has the capacity to hold space for so much. You have the capacity to hold space for anything that is presented to you and receive the challenge in grace. All your feelings are valid, you are allowed to feel your full self and experience your journey, exploring the mortality here and now. 

We feel that now would be an excellent time to receive healing, no matter what it is that you want to address.

Za Rah Kumara supports you, especially in these days, with powerful and deep healing sessions online via Zoom. Therefore she uses all her light tools and gifts to lift you up – e.g. "Energetic Crystal Healing", "Aura Harmonization", "Kundalini Dragon Energy Activation" and much more. Read more about Za Rah Kumara's healing lightwork.

It's no coincidence that you live now – It's a great time to be alive and we are in this together … 

May the final response be peace. May you be filled with the light of mother and father source and the consciousness of your god self, and may you be reminded of that truth and that wisdom that lies within the depths of your being. 

Infinite Blessings!