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A holistic healing session with Za Rah Kumara at the luxurious 5 star hotel in Ubud, Bali. Private energy session in paradise.

with Za Rah Kumara

Za Rah Kumara extends her 25 years of expertise in holistic healing, Psychotherapy, and Meditation through personalized sessions designed to harmonize the light bodies, aura and energy centers.

In the private sessions, every emotion and sensation you experience is acknowledged and honored as part of the holistic journey. Za Rah facilitates an exploration of your present moment and history, encouraging a deep connection with your authentic self. The session begins with a consultation, that fosters emotional relief and an understanding of the main challenges that want to be addressed within the following healing work. The private session is best for deep inner work, manifestation, to support emotional and physical healing and trauma release in an exclusive private space. 

It is time to bring forth who you really are. Za Rah will support you in this quest by:


  • Unlocking the expression of your divine truth, fully grounded into the present moment

  • Purifying & Cleansing 

  • Getting to know & Living in alignment with your true self

  • Expanding your vitality and light

  • Activating your self-healing capacities

  • Discovering your souls purpose

  • Recalibrate your auric field 

  • Recognizing & Releasing of karmic entanglements

  • Reconnecting to your divine guides & mission 

  • Releasing what is no longer in alignment with your soul

Commencing with a consultation, the healing field begins its work as you engage with Za Rah. Following the session, it is recommended to allow yourself at least an hour of undisturbed rest to fully integrate the healing benefits.

Healing Modalities:

Za Rah uses all her light tools and gifts to lift you up – e.g. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Source Light Healing, Zero Point Healing, Meditation, Energetic Crystal Healing, Live Channelings, Inner Child Healing modalities, Aura Harmonization, and other relevant approaches.

Read more about Za Rah Kumara's healing work.​​

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