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Sat, Oct 07




Egypt & Jordan Spiritual Initiatic Journey


Time & Location

Oct 07, 5:00 PM GMT+2 – Oct 17, 11:00 AM GMT+2

Sphinx, Giza Plateau, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate 3512201, Egypt

About the Event

The Holy Land Tour 2023

Join us on an unforgettable spiritual journey through Egypt, Jordan, the Sinai, ancient Petra and the Dead Sea to the river Jordan.

We'll explore the power of sound, healing, and initiation as we visit some of the most sacred and beautiful ancient spaces of worship, prayer, and initiation. 

Our experienced guide, Za Rah Kumara, will lead us through a series of transformative experiences, including meditation, Kundalini yoga, sacred sound, channeling, chanting, and healing work.

The journey begins with a private sunrise ceremony at the paws of the Sphinx and a visit to the Great Pyramid. 

We'll spend a night in a Bedouin camp in the White Desert, celebrating the Birthday of Guru Ram Das with song and prayers, and journey through the sacred mountains of Sinai to the St. Catherine Monastery and the Red Sea. 

We'll also visit Wadi Rum, UNESCO Heritage Ancient Petra, and the clearing waters of the Dead Sea, where we'll conclude our journey with a visit to the Baptism Site of Jeshua the Christ and the holy hot spring waterfalls of Jordan.

This magical, 10-day journey includes light work, sacred chanting, Kundalini yoga, and meditation. We'll stay in 5-star hotels or high-frequency authentic spaces and enjoy half board (breakfast and dinner) throughout the trip. 

We recommend arriving at least one day early to acclimatize, especially if you're traveling from abroad. And, to fully integrate the activations, we suggest staying an extra night after the tour.

If you feel called to join us on this divine journey, please sign up and schedule an application call. As a preparation for the Holy Land Tour, we also suggest joining us for the Mother Ocean Retreat in Greece to synchronize and drop deep into the Atlantean field of Oceanic Love and crystalline Healing. If you feel called to join us on this divine experience, please sign up and schedule an application call.

Our magical sacred 11-day journey at a glance:

  • Private Ceremony and admission to Sphinx and optional visit of Great Pyramid on 10/10/2023
  • Light Work, sacred Chanting, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
  • Half and Full board during the trip 
  • pick up at airport and assistance throughout the whole journey 
  • A night with the Bedouins in the White Desert and LIVE chanting and celebrating Guru Ram Das Birthday
  • Giza Plateau and Cairo
  • Accomodation in 5 star Hotels or high frequency authentic spaces and Bedouin Desert Camps
  • The Sinai & St Catherine Monastery
  • 2 nights at The Red Sea, with Ocean connection and rest
  • Jordan's Wadi Rum
  • Unesco Heritage Petra and Little Petra
  • Hot springs in Jordan and hot spring waterfall ceremonies
  • Rebirthing in the Dead Sea
  • Jeshuas Baptism Site at the River Jordan 
  • Connecting to desert, mountains & ocean

We recommend you to arrive at least one day earlier to acclimatize, especially when flying in from abroad. And to stay at least an extra night to stay in the energy field of the group and that space for an easier integration of the activations.

You have an abundance of time to prepare and journey with us, as we carefully curate this divine experience for you. 

Please sign up if you feel a calling and we schedule the application call with Za Rah for you. 


  • 5600$ all inklusive Price* for the journey (Half and Full Board in Jordan) 
  • Tour begins in Cairo Egypt and ends in Amman Jordan 
  • All Fees and entrances, all ceremonies and boat trip to Jordan including the drive to Amman after the Tour ends 
  • Ocean Beach club and transports 
  • limited single accommodation available upon request
  • All Transport from the moment you leave the airport (except one domestic flight) 

*A non-refundable deposit of 1550$ for Za Rah Kumara is required to secure your spot.

The deposit can be paid through this website. After the deposit you will be invited to an application call with Za Rah Kumara. You will receive an email with further instructions after your application call.


Team Za Rah Kumara


Testimonials from the Egypt Journey 2022

"I feel totally different compared to when I arrived here… It’s been an amazing change inside of me. I feel so grateful and happy. It’s so beautiful."

T., United States

"I can’t express what happens inside of me… I feel so much happiness and I’m so blessed. I’m just grateful for all what happens here in these days with me and the group. Thank you."

A., El Salvador

"We’re just about to end an amazing journey through the river of Nile, we went to the Pyramids, we went to so many different temples, and my heart has been touched beyond words. There has been many things transforming through me, transforming my inner world, as well as so much joy and so much bliss. It’s beyond words and I’m beyond grateful for everything that we have experienced on this journey."

V., Switzerland

"My heart is really open and this journey is very special for me. It opens not only my heart but also my energy. There’s some transformation going on and I’m very happy to be on this trip. Thank you so much to Za Rah Kumara and her team for this beautiful experience."

C., United States

"I feel very open, creative, joyous, and ready for more magic. I think I found the glitter that was missing."

A., Greece

"I have no words to explain how I felt these days.. For me it has been very special because I can feel the Mother and Sacred Feminine in a very powerful way. I feel a lot of peace, joy, love… It’s been truly amazing."

S., Canary Islands

"After the ceremony I feel like in another dimension. It’s a different time and space happening right now. I feel a lot of expansion in my consciousness and it’s working a lot on my mind and it opens my heart. And I’m diving into this space really deeply, thanks to all of you and the team. It’s a wonderful journey deep inside, really. And it feels like a big cleansing and healing is happening at the Nile. The work with Za Rah Kumara is amazing because she’s bringing us into a cocoon of healing. She opens the space with a great motherhood so that we can feel safe to heal and leave what has to be left in her environment. So much gratitude, thank you."

A., Morocco

"I felt that she let me to be in touch again with the Source. To feel that. It was great and I’m very thankful for that because I know that she does all of this with so much love. Thank you."

E., Spain

"I’m feeling very grateful and fresh, like reborn. Very grateful and happy to be here. It has been a catalyst because we were moving to all these very powerful spots so it’s really a catalyst for internal growth. It’s not only pleasant as there are also a lot of tears that want to be cried. But it’s a very powerful and ancient place which holds a lot of secrets and mysteries that catalysts an inner process of healing and transformation to me."

N., Madeira

The course fee does not include:

  • Egyptian entry visa (currently 25 USD)
  • Air Tickets
  • personal tipping





  • Secure your Spot - Deposit


    +$77.50 Fees

    Deposit non refundable


    +$77.50 Fees





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