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Gratitude - Our superpower

The importance of gratitude

Whatever life is blessing us with, it's essential to show our gratitude for it. The universal law of balance throughout the Cosmos is to give when we receive and to open ourselves to receiving when we are giving, allowing the infinite flow of Divine love to touch all of life.

To be grateful is the highest Yoga.

We want to share this practice with the ones we mentor, family and friends, and to those we encounter, remembering that we are all One. Blessing everyone on the path, including our 'enemies' who are simply an extension of ourselves, and creating a space of bliss is one of the secrets to prosperity. One of the most fundamental laws of prosperity is the ability to send love to everyone, and it's a great skill to train daily for the provoking moments of life.

It's a superpower to remember all of this.

Deeply understanding the importance of the act of gratitude, feeling into the beauty of its depths with the roots of your being, is a precious gift. When every fiber of your being acknowledges the gifts, more abundance can flow forth. But, when there is a disconnection to that which is received, fulfillment, happiness, and prosperity becomes blocked in a major way.

Through our gratitude in every moment, we gain greater clarity of all the gifts, big and small, through the refinement of our heart's lens and bless the infinite pathways back to Source.

Za Rah Kumara's book "Heaven to Earth: Healing with Source"

May the Source be with you.

Sat Nam,



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