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The Power of Self-Love

Self-Love is an action

Love and self-love are vital ingredients for navigating this human experience. There is so much talk about self-love, but how do we go about that?

You are invited to pause and reflect for a moment – What does self-love mean to you?

Self-love is an act; it’s not a concept in the mind. Self-love is an action, it is not something we think about and maybe it happens. Loving ourselves is very tangible in our human experience.

  • How do I nurture myself?

  • What do I take in?

  • What movies do I watch, or don’t watch?

  • What music do I listen to?

  • What people do I let into my field?

  • How is my physical body?

  • How about my connection with money?

  • How well do I nurture myself?

  • Do I have a certain pattern that always comes up for me or a pattern of self sabotage?

  • Am I in touch with my spirituality?

  • How connected am I to Source?

You are invited to take a moment and reflect on these things. Reflecting on self-love means touching on our core values and wounds.

Za Rah Kumara's book "Heaven to Earth: Healing with Source"

May the Source be with you.

Sat Nam,



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