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Sleep Loops - The power of mantras and sacred sound for a restful sleep

Why is it beneficial to use mantra and sacred sound currents for sleeping?

It's a very old practice to utilize sounds as a form of healing carpet around your body and your auric field as well as in your house. It’s very important especially when you are sleeping as you are not there with your conscious day awareness. Your whole consciousness goes to rest. Sometimes you might experience having trouble sleeping, having intense dreams or feeling energetics around you that don't feel right. Don't forget that houses store a lot of energies and emotions and all kinds of frequencies - that’s why using mantra and sacred sound currents in your house is such a life changer. You have all the rights for a beautiful and restful sleep.

How to use Sleep Loops

I recorded some mantra sleep loops that you can use in your house or in your bedroom especially when you're sleeping. You can play them on loop in a very low volume or at any volume you like and they use sacred sounds and sacred mantra. Having that play in your field is like a meditation while you’re sleeping. It's so beautiful, so healing and so helpful. Please use all devices in flight mode while you're sleeping and download the mantras before.

My recommendation would be to read the lyrics of the loop once or twice or sing it while you’re sitting in bed. Then let it play overnight and when you wake up you will sit up again in bed and the first thing you do - before you do anything else like checking your phone - you’re chanting the mantra with the recording. Imagine that the sound current is flowing into your crown and around your crown into your body, then into the earth and all the words and the sounds are clearing your bedroom.

Available Sleep Loops

HIGH VIBE SLEEP LOOP - Playlist by Za Rah Kumara on Spotify

May the Source be with you.

Sat Nam,



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