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Sat Nam, Welcome Home

You are a multi-dimensional being, living an earthly existence on this planet earth. You have come here with a unique mission your soul wants to express. Old patterns and beliefs can blur your view on what that mission is and lead to a life that does not feel like yours. 

I work with a holistic approach across body, mind and spirit to reconnect you to your higher self.

Activating the I AM PRESENCE in your consciousness and supporting you on your path.

I am here to help you discover and manifest your magic. 




ZA RAH KUMARA is a Source Light and Zero-point Healer, Kundalini Trainer, Sacred Music Artist, Atlantean Water Priestess, Isis Priestess, and a clinical Psychotherapist with more than 22 years of experience working with clients world wide. 


She works with Source Energy and the angelic and cosmic realms. Za Rah is a Healer and teaches healing arts for the body and the light bodies as well as how to facilitate earth and estate healings. 

Za Rah is of Greek German descent, raised in Europe, Northern Africa and around the world and is the founder of the spiritual community ´The Cosmic Sanctuary´ at the Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounio Greece. 

She resides between Athens and Dubai. In her international classes and Retreats she works her healing magic by supporting the participants to soulfully get in touch with their own magic and self healing capacities, through her heart-centered teachings and mentoring. 





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