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Golden crystal bowl for sound healing and deep relaxation.


When you connect to your highest self, you magically discover your multi-dimensional nature. I am here to assist you to expand your consciousness, uncover your Souls mission, release old karmic patterns and support you in reclaiming your life purpose at the highest possible frequency.

This work may include private coaching, concious psychotherapy and / or healing sessions (zoom or in-person) for your self, the family, your home, company or a body of land or water.

Read more about Za Rah Kumara's healing offerings.

Za Rah Kumara in a white angelic dress with turban, standing in front of the Nile in Egypt.


As a licensed psychotherapist (German Psychotherapeutic Association) I work internationally with clients around the world in a holistic way. 

We are all shaped and influenced by our social environment, our family, job, countries customs and lifestyle. Uncovering what triggers you to act, to react and how to heal old traumatic relationship experiences will help you lead a more aligned and peaceful life. Furthermore discovering ways towards deep relaxation of the nervous system, more homeostasis and experiencing ways to calm the mind are part of the holistic healing sessions.

My mission is to combine classic psycho-dynamic psychotherapy with powerful ancient Kundalini practices and meditative healing arts with light healing and breath work to harmonize energies in the physical and subtle bodies.

Za Rah Kumara teaching a Kundalini Yoga Class on a yoga festival, her hands are folded in front of her heart center. She is chanting a mantra and in front of her is a Shruti Box in Corfu, Greece.


The sacred science of Kundalini Yoga is here to awaken yourself to your own inner truth, delivering you to your souls mission.

Sometimes destiny takes interesting turns to make you do the things you came to do and not always does this path look like the one you might have imagined… 

Za Rah Kumara is here to help people discover their Souls mission and their true selves and to help them live their highest potential. We receive so much programming in our upbringing, so many ideas of others how we should be, how we should behave and how we should feel, that it causes a lot of confusion. 

The sacred science of Kundalini Yoga is here to awaken yourself to your own inner truth, delivering you to YOUR souls mission, not to an outside source of salvation. There is no need to surrender to an external Guru or worshipping people outside of ourselves, we are all divinity expressed in a human body and we learn from each other. It's a great blessing to find a teacher and it was promised to your soul, that you will have the chance to find the right guides for your path, however in these times we feel that teacher student relationships are build and based upon mutual respect and love. The divine authority is Source (God).

Gratitude is a big part of the teachings and the more we can live in a grateful heart the more blessings we receive.

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