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Interview with Za Rah Kumara at the Healing Festival - Part 1

Healing Festival: Hello everyone, I'm here with Healer, Kundalini Trainer and Psychotherapist Za Rah Kumara. Thank you so much for coming here. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Za Rah: Thank you for having me. I have been on the plane for a while and my first love was always to help or support people. I was a psychotherapist and a researcher, that's how it started. I asked myself what is the things that help people? And so I looked beyond what we do as psychotherapists or psychiatrists and I really wanted to understand how to help myself and others. That's how I found meditation and Kundalini Yoga. It became my passion and I really wanted to deepen that.

So you said you started as a psychotherapist… how long did it take you to realize that maybe you want something else?

Well I think I understood that pretty early… there are somehow exit points and breaks in a life. When I had a near death experience at the age of 13 I was disconnected from my body for around 10 minutes. In a deep sense I knew why I'm here and so then when I came back I remembered how it is to be here and how to help and what my service is while I'm here. That was absolutely clear. But I wanted to learn a foundation. I wanted to understand the human psyche because I have been in a very young age through a lot. Actually it's good if you've been through a lot. That's not a bad start and it's actually really nice to hear that - to be able to say "Hey you've been through a lot and it's fine and there's so much hope". And this is where I came from and I'm so so grateful for everything that happened. Everything that happened somehow guided me towards what I'm doing now and I didn’t even know where it's going exactly.

"There's always a path under your feet while you walk. That's not me doing it, you know?
And that's what I understood when I was out of my body.
That I'm not alone and that really helped me coming back."

Can you tell me a little a bit more about your work?

I had a big practice close to Munich in Germany, a doctoral license and I did the whole thing. 10 years of studies beyond the diploma, the Bachelor and all the work in the psychiatric clinics and all of that… all of that to have my own practice to feel like I’m free to actually practice what I wanted to do… only to understand that I'm still in a system. That system that actually taught me how to treat patients and how to be with them, how to be with people and even thinking that they are patients and not like sisters and brothers and clients or however you want to call it. When I talked with people I always worked energetically with them. I just talked because people wanted to hear a voice, but I always also talked telepathically with them. I already knew what they needed and what they felt so I asked their soul but I didn’t understand what I was doing exactly when I was younger. It was really like a magnetic thing where that what I was already doing wanted to actually be be embodied instead of trying to hide and being a psychotherapist that works energetically the whole time and is not saying it because it's so stigmatized. If you're in that kind of profession with all these doctors it's stigmatized to be the wild one, hugging trees and talking to the aliens and loving crystals… but I really wanted to be me at some point.

"I knew that the more I become me the more I can help others."

How does it look like when you work with clients who don't believe in multi-dimensionality yet?

Well since I have the whole foundation of the Matrix which is the normality here it's very easy for me because I have navigated all these realms. It's not like I lost it, it's just like one little tool in a box so it's absolutely fine for me to pick up somebody where they are. Since we can telepathically or with our subtle bodies feel each other and we can feel what is the actual need of the other and where they are vibrationally. We can pick them up where they are and then go up because if you pick them up on a very high level and they're somewhere else, they’re just like: Don't talk to me, what are you? The one that has the biggest range can modulate a little down just wherever somebody can grasp it. And it's not a judgment at all because we're in so many ways all here to have experiences and some people are here to have the experience of a very grounded earth life which is totally fine. They just want to be an engineer or they just want to be a car mechanic and they don't want to hear anything about the planets or about healing. And I think it's so important that we just accept that and still love them and just say "You know what? That's great and I'm happy you’re here". It's a good reminder that there's nothing wrong about it.

You had a very powerful workshop today at the Healing Festival, what kind of Healing Work did you do there?

Well it was a workshop on Healing which is my main passion or the main work I'm doing. Healing has so many facets. We have a beautiful sanctuary in Greece where we live close

to the Temple of Poseidon south of Athens and where we create healing fields, where we do workshops and things like that. The healing work that I presented today was just one facet. The facets are meditation, and something that aligns the physical body, so in my case it's Kundalini Yoga that really helps to prepare the body for this intense work. So it's really nice if you align your body and help yourself to switch on your light and switch on your connection because then everything else around you is not getting to you so fast.

The first thing that we did today was a really strong breath work and Kriya to actually balance the elements. We're made of different elements and most of the time if we are not working constantly on them it is just normal that the proportions maybe are not always perfect. Some people have a lot of fire and then there's a lot of heat and emotions coming up. That can happen and it’s just like another tendency, it's not always pathological. But it's really beautiful to balance it out. We also used a lot of sound because sound is such a huge science and so important. Sound can alter and change everything. We also used healings in form of silent healings where people lay down and rest and you're opening this whole field of healing space for people.

When people learn that more they can actually start to use their senses to perceive the messages that come through. You can call it channeling, you can call intuition, you can call it telepathy… Telepathy to that soul of the other person but also to your higher self. Here you learn how how to become more aware of the wisdom that is beyond your limited human capacity in this moment because we are all more than that.

"We are more than our bodies and more than that which we perceive with the
one thought process that we're perceiving now."

So when we open some more facets or we open some more fractals to more information then that can come in. It's a process to learn to also actually step out of the way with your day consciousness because we all have that no matter how high vibrational we are. There is some kind of a day consciousness which is thinking about teeth brushing for example. But there's something beyond that which when you start to tune in like on a dial you become very unstoppable. And it's very nice to become unstoppable because everyone here brings something which is very beautiful. I love to bring people in touch with their magic and I really would love them to shine that here and to do what they need to do to break out of the hypnosis of their day consciousness.

How do we break out of the hypnosis of the day consciousness?

Well first of all to know that it’s there. To know that you’re more dimensional than that what you have been taught. To understand that there are laws in this creation that can be bent or that can be expanded. That means to become from a person that says or thinks “Why is this happening to me?” to a person that says “This is happening for me” to a person that says “Wow, this is happening through me”. That’s a huge difference. You're a Creator.

What does it mean to be a Creator?

The first step is realization and love because because in this time somehow we cannot create something of deeper long-lasting value if our heart is not connected. There's so many things that happen around us that that it could be challenging to keep it open, right? Heartbreak, pain, betrayal, like all of that stuff. Everything is like in duality pairs on this planet so it's like a classroom here. And we have not been taught to open our heart to

us and then we're trying to help everyone else and we're running and we're trying to save the world… but you know, actually asking how can I open my heart to that little girl that

started that journey? How can I open my heart to me?

"When you open your heart to you and you start to forgive yourself then you
will start to open your heart to others."

What  changed everything for me was actually starting to open the heart for the Divine, for that Consciousness that gave breath to all of us and that connects us all. I feel like a lot of people actually talk about love, opening the heart, self-love but for someone it can be hard to imagine what it really means because for people who are not there yet it can be hard to imagine what it means to feel love. In most cases that is not something you're being taught in a normal school which has all to do with somehow functioning. To just be an amazing little robot, that’s the old school system. That's why we're trying to find beautiful ways to school our children in different ways because the old system basically wants to produce little slaves and we don't want that anymore. We have to unravel, unlearn and deprogram ourselves. We're deprogramming ourselves from this absolute trauma bond that we have with reality and then when that happens you become somebody who's actually you. Somebody who's actually able to switch on their presence and it doesn't even matter if you want to be a singer, an interviewer, a photographer, an artist, even if you want to be in a bank. It doesn't matter because your light will shine and you just let it come through and my understanding is that's how the Avatar Consciousness works. We bring through that light in us. That's where it starts, you become a vessel for that and others that come in touch with you will be activated too. And they will continue to do the same. That's how we bring Heaven to Earth. We’re not doing it alone. It's not one person on stage that is so cool and everybody else is not… it's very important for me to say that to people. It’s a thing that we do together. It's like a mosaic and we’re weaving this tapestry of sound, healing, arts and beauty together.

Here you find Part 2 of the interview.

Thank you Healing Festival for this interview!

May the Source be with you.

Sat Nam,



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