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Interview with Za Rah Kumara at the Healing Festival - Part 2

Healing Festival: Can you share more about the topics of connection and disconnection and how they affect our well-being?

Za Rah: It’s so powerful to understand that there's an absolute breath and energy that is connected with everything. Every molecule around, our hands, every tree, every breath, every sound, every person, every plant, every animal, we're all connected. Isn't it so soothing for the body and for the heart to know that... this is where a lot of fear arise. The feeling of “I’m completely alone” creates tremendous pain and fear and it's like one of the biggest pains that we have here. But people usually don't understand that.They just think they're afraid of flying or afraid of driving a car or afraid of crowded rooms but it's actually a feeling of “I’m disconnected”. This is the big thing where I went from psychotherapy to holistic healing. I knew that in that moment maybe a psychiatrist would have given a medication - but what are you medicating? You’re medicating the need for connection. You're only medicating the little symptom like a little branch of a tree and then there's this whole tree that wants to be connected and you're like “Here take this medication”. And you take that medication and then the whole system is shocked. That counts for every every kind of symptom but in many ways we do that instead of giving it the time it needs... connection takes time and nobody wants to take time in the allopathic medicine. Many don't have time. If somebody asks them what is love or how can I feel love - it's about actually being present with them and with that question. What does that mean? Let's wait and sit and don't have to rush and don't have to push and I don't have to explain it to you. We just sit with it. How does it feel to not know what love is?

Wow, that’s deep. I've experienced this myself what you are talking about. One time in my life I had a severe anxiety and panic attacks but I was so disconnected. I felt like this is the path I need to do and I was pushing myself into this but my soul was saying no, this is not your path. I found a therapist who helped me to slowly unfold and to realize what was going on.

It's very good you found a therapist like that because she or he knew that they had to help you on a different level. In my teenage years I tried to run away from my gifts. Since a very young age I already could feel energies. I was super sensitive, I could see spirits, I felt them in the room, I knew when a room had a weird energy and nobody of the adults had anything good to say about it. They just said these are dreams, just stop that, don’t think about this… and it made me feel so wrong. I didn’t want to loose it. Every time adults said that to me I still remember how I drew light language or sacred geometry, I couldn’t write yet as I was a child, but it all had one sense:

"Don't forget where you came from."

I had all this star stuff in me and I knew that I can’t become like all the adults. They always said “You cannot say that in front of the children” and I just sat there and I heard everything. I was always like “Wow you really think I don't understand that. I understand everything. I know your thoughts. I'm not from here.”

What would you recommend to a highly sensitive person that is feeling a lot of energy of other people?

I think it's so nice if we can start to normalize to feel everything. I wish people would feel everything because then nobody would throw stuff into nature, no nobody would scream at others, you would have the subtlety of actually feeling each other. Maybe seeing how far you can come close to another person or how to move around in a space. What a dream it would be if people would actually feel one another. It's just like another dimension opening up which is also a great gift because it can help you a lot with deciphering where you need to go and where not, without any judgment. Just asking “Is that for me?” and listen to the answer. The energy field shows you something in that moment.

"The number one I learned is to actually prioritise a lot of time alone."

I love people, I’m here at a huge festival and teaching on huge stages, I love that but I need the balance. So I know what I need and I would go out and take time on my own after that, or being with the ocean or being in nature.

What is your intention behind your creations "Heaven to Earth" and "The Source Light"?

The idea of my book “Heaven to Earth” was that even normal people can open it up and just look through the book and find something inspiring for this moment. And if people don't like to read they can use my app “The Source Light”, it's available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. It’s also really beautiful to allow yourself not to do everything on your own but to see that there are great creators out there that are doing that already. Just press play and do it. It's all about clearing and letting go of the attachment to that energy field and maybe not even letting it in in the first place.

What is Clearing?

We’re constantly surrounded by energies, we’re all connected and some are more sensitive than others. But everybody holds an energetic body as well as an emotional body which carries all kinds of emotions so if you pick up on that it can be very intense for you. You're going around during the day and you pick up the emotions of different people that you meet, and you're trying to help here and you buy a coffee there and maybe you pick up the emotions of that person. Sometimes when you're very sensitive you don't even know who you are anymore at the end of the day, you might get grumpy or very tired. For me clearing is to actually connect yourself with your energy field who you are and just allow your very unique frequency to come through. And everything else that’s not you can leave.

"We're all one, yes, but you’re a unique fractal."

This one DNA that is just in you - allow that to flourish and that you feel yourself. And it feels actually really nice. And when you fully feel that then it's really easy sometimes to just open up and for example hug a lot of people. Everybody wants a hug after I teached and I love them.

The importance of saying No

If we don't know how to say no it's really hard and it's somehow especially for women something that we don't get to learn in many cultures. Not getting to learn how it is to actually say “I prioritize my peace in this moment and it's important for me. I love you but I need to do something else”.

Can you share more about your Healer Trainings?

At the moment a lot of my of my focus goes into training people that want to heal and go for their own healing first but then also help others. I started to work with a lot of women in Europe, America and the Middle East and I'm based now between Athens and Dubai. So we also work a lot in the in the Arabian countries, in the Emirates and do journeys to Egypt and Jordan and all these sacred places.

My courses are about how to become a Healer and we always start with the foundations… with psychology, psychotherapy, inner child work, consciousness, meditation… with all the foundations that you need that would even be interesting for all people. Just take the course for yourself or if you are in a healing profession that you might want to have it as a good foundation. It's really holistic and we do a lot of guided growth work. Students bring their own cases and we talk about it in a group setting and we really learn a lot with that. So it's either a case where you work with somebody or a case from your own life. When you bring a case with a client, there’s always a resonance with yourself as a teacher / coach. The client came to you for a reason, there’s always some kind of resonance.

Think outside the boxes

When you look at cognitive behavioral therapy or anything that is like that in a system - if you have extraordinary capacities it's really beautiful to train them more and implement it into the work. I believe that actually everybody has them so what we're doing now is to help people to actually uncover and polish them. Like a diamond that you pick up from the mud and you start to rinse and polish it and then it becomes really beautiful. It's a time where we break through all these barriers when we grow and we want to open up these boxes that held us back because what you can be if you go beyond that, then you're really full on. That's magical.

It's a beautiful path and at the same time a very intense journey that’s why it’s easier to go through all of that in a guided container. It's always easier to actually stay or stick with the old. It requires your bravery and you somehow saying “Yes I really want to know what's behind that corner. I really want to know what's behind that box.” And that's the magic because we’re all collectively breaking free of boxes right now.

'We’re bringing Heaven to Earth right now and you're all doing it with us together."

I'm really cheering for these people and I that's why I'm not sitting in some office where I used to sit. That's why I said “Okay I have to be out there to inspire and help". I know that everyone who is healing they will also do the same. We all want to go out there to inspire and help. It that's a huge shift in consciousness and there's so much happening. It’s great and we're part of it. That's why we're here. Otherwise it would have been boring. Why not having some fun being on the planet?

Here you find Part 1 of the interview.

Thank you Healing Festival for this interview!

May the Source be with you.

Sat Nam,


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